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Please turn in on sheet paper, the date that was written on the class room board! Thank you!

Directions: Circle the interjection or interjections in each sentence below.

1. Aha! I finished my test on time.

2. Ouch! You hit me in the leg!

3. Wow! I can’t believe I finished the marathon.

4. Oh, I’m not sure about that.

5. No, you should not have done that.

6. Alas, we made it to the island.

7. Hooray! We won the championship game!

8. Good grief, that was a close one.

9. Oops, I forgot to tell you where to go.

10. Hey, can you help me out?

11. Ahem, make sure to keep the noise level down.

12. Yow! I can’t believe you just did that!


Directions: Read each sentence below. Circle the conjunction that connects the two phrases.

1. Sharon loves to go on roller coasters, yet she has a fear of heights.

2. Donald ate all his dinner, so he was able to have dessert.

3. Racoons must push lids off of garbage cans, or else they will go hungry.

4. Darren loves to play football, but he does not like to be the running back.

6. May loves to cook, for she has a special talent for it.

7. David has to wake up early, so he can climb the mountain.

8. Sophia ate a lot, yet she is still hungry.

9. The man is fast, but the woman is faster.

10. Derek went to the mall, so he could shop.

11. May loves to cook, but she needs a new stove.

12. Stephen loves to play baseball, for he is good at it.

13. We are going to the mall, once my friends get here.

14. I’m having a great time, while you are at home watching television.

15. We’re going to win the championship, since you guys are not prepared.

16. He traveled to Europe, though he really wanted to travel to China.

17. I could not sleep well, till I started counting sheep.

18. I worked hard late at night, while you were sleeping in your bed.

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