7,8,9th Kalief Browder Documentary Questions Prt2

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Continue in your notebook.


  1. What conditions was Kalief displaying?
  2. What happened when he got out did he receive help from the goverment?
  3. What did he try to do while at home?
  4. How was his behaviour? 
  5. How was his return to society?
  6. Was he able to get interviews?
  7. Why did they dismiss his case?
  8. What was he embarrassed of doing? How long did he do it?
  9. How did he describe people reactions to him?
  10. What happened to Kalief's mental state as time went on?
  11. What did he try to do to change his life?
  12. How did Kalie'f life end?
  13. After his death, what was the reaction?
  14. What changes were made to the system?
  15. What laws were made? By who?
  16. What were the reasons for his law suit?
  17. What did his father do to him mother after his death?
  18. What happened to his mother?
  19. If you could meet Kalief what would be something you would ask or say to him?
  20. Who did he say was following him?
  21. Where was he recieving messages?
  22. What was it he said the message say?


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