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I. MULTIPLE CHOICES: Choose the correct answer for the following statements or questions.__/20

1. The King’s wizard was:

a. Very old and forgot how to do spells.

b. Very brave and defeated the dragon.

c. Scared and hid under the bed.

2. When the moon was full a:

a. Powerful genie appeared.

b. The king liked to throw parties.

c. Mean dragon appeared and terrorized the kingdom.

3. The dragon ________ the number of the houses:

a. Change them so people would sleep in their neighbor’s house

b. eat them so people wouldn’t know where they lived.

c. wash and make them very shiny.

4. _______was at the king’s meeting.

a. Everyone in the kingdom.

b. Only the queen and princess

c. Everyone in the castle

5. The cobbler said:

a. Nice job king!

b. That’s nice but that won’t solve the problem with the dragon.

c. The dragon isn’t real!

6. Oh, No! The queen became a:

a. rosebush

b. tree

c. a flowerbed

7. The wizard recited the spell by saying:

a. bibity, bobity,wibbly do!

b. Bimble, Wimble, Cha,Cha,Choompf

c. bubble, bubble, toyal and trouble

8. The oldest son was very:

a. very smart and had warts on his hands.

b. very funny and fast.

c. What?! There was an older son?

9. The middle son was very:

a. smart and hairy.

b. strong and had a hunch.

c. was tall, handsome and strong.

10. The youngest son:

a. shy, weak and scared

b. strong, tall and handsome

c. smart and fast





II. Match: Match the following characters to their statement of description.__/20

____1. King

____2. Princess

____3. Cobbler.

____4. Queen

____5. Wizard

____6. Youngest Son

____7. Knights

____8. Middle Son

____9. Dragon

____10. Oldest Son A. needed water

B. was wise and made shoes.

C. loved the youngest son.

D. strong, and had a hunch.

E. old and lost his spell book.

F. did many pranks, was very mean.

G. intelligent, disguised as peddler

H. wished to not be born.

I. was afraid and hid under the bed.

J. wanted to slay the dragon


III. True or False: Write (T) if the statement is correct or (F) if it is incorrect.__/20

___1. The dragon loved the kingdom.

___2. The youngest son borrowed armor from others.

___3. The princess wanted to marry the middle son.

___4.The king thought the dragon helped his kingdom.

___5. The queen said that the king did nothing.

___6. The Knights were very brave.

___7. The dragon comes during the day.

___8. The dragon liked to switch the numbers of the houses.

___9. The king said he would give half his kingdom.

___10. The cobbler killed the dragon.






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