9th Tell Tale Heart- Part 3

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Copy and Answer in your Class Work Notebook:




At the end of the play, the sound the main character hears could be any of the following EXCEPT:


a. the old man's heart continuing to beat.


b. his own heartbeat.


c. his imagination.


d. his guilty conscience.




What had the madness done for the narrator's senses?


a. sharpened them


b. destroyed them


c. dulled them


d. none of the above




The narrator also explains how painstakingly methodical he was when going into the old man's room every night for seven days at exactly the same time, .


a. 10 pm


b. 12 midnight


c. 2 am


d. none of these





Why were the police sent to the house?


a. someone had seen the narrator


b. a shriek was heard


c. an argument was heard





In the "Tell-Tale Heart", the beating heart is a symbol of the narrator's:


a. fear


b. passion


c. guilt


d. humor





When the old man groaned, the speaker said it was a groan of:


a. pain


b. terror


c. grief




What is the genre/subgenre of "A Tell-Tale Heart?"


a. fiction/adventure


b. fiction/short story


c. non-fiction/biography


d. fiction/fantasy




Who is the author of "The Tell-Tale Heart"?


a. Charles Dickens


b. Edgar Allen Poe


c. Ebenezer Scrooge


d. Jacob Marley




What is the name of the main character in "The Tell-Tale Heart"?


a. Bob


b. Fred


c. Unknown; his name is never mentioned




What effect is Poe creating by having the narrator watch the old man sleep for eight days before carrying out his plan?


a. irony


b. suspense


c. establishing motive


d. none of the above




What is the mood at the beginning of the story?


a. joy


b. curiosity


c. sadness


d. panic




The narrator's claim of sanity lies in the fact that he can tell his story so .


a. quickly


b. calmly


c. slowly


d. enthusiastically




The narrator cannot kill the old man on any of these nights because the man is asleep; the prohibits the narrator from killing the old man.


a. closed eye


b. snoring


c. lantern's light


d. dream movements




This is a premeditated murder; the main character plans the old man's demise. To avoid suspicion, the narrator explains, "I was never to the old man than during the whole week before I killed him."


a. more distant


b. kinder


c. meaner


d. crueler



When the light from the lantern falls upon the old man's eye, the narrator becomes "furious." He sees the eye with "perfect distinctness - a dull blue with a hideous veil over it." He hates the old man's eye, but at the same time is mysteriously mesmerized and fanatically fixated upon it. The narrator's personal focus is his perfection; it is exemplified by the fact that he can direct the ray from the lantern specifically to that spot. Yet again, the narrator returns to the theme of madness and reasserts he is not mad. He has proof of his sanity: his sharply acute senses; now the narrator suddenly hears the .


a. ticking of the clock


b. beating of the old man's heart


c. dripping of the faucet


d. shallow wheezing of the old man breathing





What was the low, dull, quick sound that the narrator heard?


a. his own heartbeat


b. the old man's heartbeat


c. his watch




How is the crime discovered?


a. The police officers produce a witness to the crime.


b. The narrator becomes so overwhelmed with paranoia that he admits to the crime


c. The police officers discover a small crack in the floor boards




To what does Poe compare the sound of the heartbeat?


a. snare drum


b. watch wrapped in cotton


c. rain on a window pane


d. none of the above




What made the narrator confess to the murder?


a. his guilty conscience


b. the police found the body


c. the neighbor told




Why does the narrator let the police officers freely search the house?


a. the officers are old friends


b. the officers have a warrant


c. the narrator is confident they will not find anything


d. none of the above

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