Finals Test Review 7th & 8th 2017

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Types of Sentence: Choose the correct answer for the following sentences, identifying them as one of the four types of sentences given in class._


1) Last year Al's brother walked the Appalachian Trail.

a. Interrogative c. declarative

b. exclamatory d. imperative


2) Our family is planning a trip to the mountains.

a. Interrogative c. declarative

b. exclamatory d. imperative


3) Is snowboarding as much fun as it looks?

a. Interrogative c. declarative

b. exclamatory d. imperative


4) Wow! I've never been in a city this huge!

a. Interrogative c. declarative

b. exclamatory d. imperative


5) What would happen if you had an accident?

a. Interrogative c. declarative

b. exclamatory d. imperative


Complete Subjects & Predicate: Divide the following sentences in complete subject and predicate by drawing a vertical line (/).


1. Menna typed on the computer keyboard.

2. The first grade teacher wrote the lesson on the board.

3. The ridiculously tall hat blocked my view in the movie theater.

4. My favorite video game was on sale at the store.

5. The energetic children ran around on the playground.

Simple Subjects & Predicate: Choose the correct simple subject and predicate from the following sentences. 

1) The professor handed out a syllabus the first day of class.

The subject is:

a. Professor c. day

b. Syllabus d. class


2) Most colleges offer several computer science courses.

The predicate is:

a. College c. offer

b. Several d. courses


3) Typing is an important skill.

The subject is:

a. Typing c. is

b. Skill d. important


4) Everyone recognizes the name Oprah.

The subject is:

a. Everyone c. Oprah

b. Name d. recognizes


5) A schedule helps students with time management.

The predicate is

a. Schedule c. management

b. Helps d. students


IV. Compound Subjects and Predicates:

Compound Subject: Underline the compound subjects in the following sentences. 

1. Diego and his brother play in the mud on a rainy day.

2. Charlotte, Pat, and Greta race down the street after school.

3. The teacher and principal met with the parents.

4. His mother and father decided to go out to dinner that evening.

5. Foxes, hawks, and rattlesnakes live in the desert biome.

Compound Predicate: Underline the compound predicate in the following sentences

1. James mowed lawns and delivered papers over the summer.

2. The students took notes and asked questions.

3. I woke up, brushed my hair and my teeth, and went to school.

4. My dog Fluffy digs holes and chases squirrels.

5. He can take a cooking class or learn how to sew.




V. Nouns: 

Common & Proper Nouns: Choose the proper and common noun in the sentence.

1) My cousin is going to San Francisco next month.

A: proper noun B: common noun 2) Andrew enjoys collecting baseball cards and action figures.

A: proper noun

B: common noun

3) Marcie swam in the Pacific Ocean last week.

A: proper noun

B: common noun

4) We walked across the Golden Gate Bridge during our vacation.

A: proper noun

B: common noun

5) Our teacher, Ms. Brownley, assigns a lot of homework over the weekend.

A: proper noun

B: common noun


Singular and Plural Nouns: Write each singular noun to plural, and each plural noun to singular. 


1) icon

2) tables

3) tigers

4) powers

5) parties

6) jackhammers

7) dragons

8) airplanes

9) planets

10) library


Concrete and Abstract Nouns: Identify the following nouns as concrete or abstract.


1) Dentist

2) Energy

3) Children

4) Beauty

5) hamburger

6) Cake

7) Freedom

8) pencil

9) Ideas

10) Luck



Possessive Nouns: Make the following phrases into a possessive phrase:


1. New York skyscrapers


2. dads rocking chair


3. childrens toys


4. dogs owner


5. Los Angeles beaches




Read the following sentences circle the verb in the sentence:


1. Sal listens to his favorite song.

2. Craig hits the baseball over the fence.

3. The little pig grunts.

4. The roof of the house leaks.

5. The hunter searches for a deer.




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