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Interjections are words that express emotion.

They are followed by either an exclamation point or a comma.

They do not have a grammatical place in the sentence.

They should not be used in academic writing.

These Are Some Interjections: Oh, Great, Wow, Ouch, Hey, Please, and No.

Add an interjection to each sentence.

1. ________________ ! Do not interrupt the teacher.

2. ________________ , what a wonderful time we had at the mall!

3. ________________ , this is an awesome microwavable dinner.

4. ________________ , what a fabulous experience for students.

5. ________________ ! So you have finally decided to go.

6. ________________ , what an incredibly rude thing to say!

7. ________________ , I can’t take it anymore.

8. ________________ , you look great in those clear heels!

9. ________________ ! The police are coming.

10. ________________ , the earth is shaking!

11. ________________ , get out of here!

12. ________________ , I love this class.

13. ________________ , stop that Chris Brown record.

14. ________________ ! Come help me.

15. ________________ , I need more time!


Directions: Circle the interjection or interjections in each sentence below.

Example A: Oops, I spilled my milk.

Answer: Oops

1. Aha! I finished my test on time.

2. Ouch! You hit me in the leg!

3. Wow! I can’t believe I finished the marathon.

4. Oh, I’m not sure about that.

5. No, you should not have done that.

6. Alas, we made it to the island.

7. Hooray! We won the championship game!

8. Good grief, that was a close one.

9. Oops, I forgot to tell you where to go.

10. Hey, can you help me out?

11. Ahem, make sure to keep the noise level down.

12. Yow! I can’t believe you just did that!

13. No, you need to complete your work first.

14. Great, I forgot my purse.

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