7&8 Punctuation Class Work

Posted by Jessica Rios on 26 Ee abril Ee 2018 a las 7:55

Write the correct punctuation mark from above that best completes each


Go home directly after school ______


1. I had a crazy day at school ______

2. When are we going to the museum ______

3. You need to complete your homework on time daily ______

4. Please take out the trash when you get home ______

5. My favorite team won the game ______

6. What did you want to eat for lunch ______

7. It is so exciting to see you______

8. Why do we have to go home so early ______

9. How do we get to the amusement park ______

10. I can’t wait to go on winter vacation ______

11. Where did you move after college ______

12. I need to take a nap ______

13. I’m having a wonderful time ______

14. Where are you going to work ______

15. Yay ______ We won the game ______

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