7 &8 Question & Exclamation Class Work

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Read each sentence and add a question or exclamation mark to

complete each sentence.

I am so excited I won the game______


1. I am so excited to see my family for Christmas ______

2. What day of the week is your favorite ______

3. What is your favorite food to eat ______

4. Ouch ______ I can’t believe that bee stung me _______

5. Do you know the direction to the lake ______

6. What did you want to eat for lunch ______

7. I had a great time at your party ______

8. Do you know what time it is ______

9. How do we get to the amusement park ______

10. I can’t wait to go on summer vacation ______

11. What is your favorite color ______

12. I can’t believe we all scored above average ______

Read each sentence. Add quotation marks where needed.

What a great day, yelled Mr. Dobbins

“What a great day,” yelled Mr. Dobbins.

1. Hi, Jim said to his friend.

2. What a wonderful day! shouted Mary.

3. Sharon said, take your homework out.

4. My dad asked, when do you want to go to the movies?

5. Hello, said the stranger.

6. Have a goodnight, said my mother.

Re-write the following sentences on the lines below. Add quotation

marks and other punctuation where needed.

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