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II. Multiple Choices: Choose the correct answer to the question. 

1) The main characters of the story are:

(1) Kou-haya, mother bear, and father

(2) Medicine man, father, and Kuo-haya

(3) Medicine man, mother bear, and father

2) The problem of the story was:

(1) Kuo-haya liked to wrestle

(2) Kuo-haya was neglected by his father

(3) The mother bear stole Kuo-haya


3) Kuo-haya behaved:

(1) Happy, smart, and could wrestle

(2) was singing, happy, and social

(3) Was shy, walked around with stooped shoulders.


4) He never learned to:

(1) Talk to bears and wrestle.

(2) Wrestle, run, and what a young man should do.

(3) He was never taught swim.


5) When the trackers found Kuo-haya he was:

(1) Scared and hiding from the mother bear.

(2) Was dead because the mother bear killed him.

(3) He was playing and wrestling with the baby bears.


6) The trackers tried to reach the boy, but mother bear:

(1) Stood on both legs and pushed the boy and cubs into the cave.

(2) The mother bear attacked the trackers and ate them.

(3) The bear ran away from the trackers and could not get caught.


7) When Kuo-haya refused to return, father went home angry and began to collect his:

(1) Bow, arrow and lance

(2) Got a gun to shoot the bear

(3) Went and took the boy with an arrow.


8) Kuo-haya decided to return because:

(1) The boy promised the bear.

(2) The father made a promise and he learns to love each other from the bears.

(3) He was bored and wanted to go home.


III. Match the noun to the correct description. 


1.____The father


3.____Mother Bear

4.____Village People


6.____Bear Cubs



9.____Bow and Arrows

10.___Medicine man a. Location of the bears

b. Ran away when they saw the boy

c. Asked about the boy

d. Loved and took care of the boy.

e. Said the bears were relatives.

f. Passed by his face

g. Was shy and lonely

h. Used to distract the bears.

i. Was grieving the death of his wife

j. Taken by the father.



IV. Define the following words related to the story.


1) Timid:_______________________________________________

2) Stoop:______________________________________________

3) Cliff:_______________________________________________

4) nudge:__________________________________________

5) neglect:______________________________________________

6) encourage:_____________________________________________





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