7,8,9th Kalief Browder Documentary Questions

Posted by Jessica Rios on 30 Ee abril Ee 2018 a las 8:10

  1. How old was Kalief when he got arrested?
  2. How many family members does Kalief have?
  3. What did they accuse him of?
  4. What happened when he got arrested, where did they take him?
  5. How many years was Kalief arrested?
  6. What was Kalief doing when he got arrested?
  7. What things was Kalief subjected to during his stay in prison?
  8. How were the other inmates that were his age treat him?
  9. What is get with the program?
  10. How did they police behave inside the prison system?
  11. What did Kalief say he was?
  12. How long was Kalief in solitary confinement?
  13. What is search and stop law?
  14. What did they say Kalief steal?
  15. How big was the solitary confinement cells?
  16. How were the conditions of the cells?
  17. What did the guards do to Kalief while he was in solitary?
  18. Why was Kalief's brother incarcerated?
  19. What happened to Kalief's mental health?
  20. What did he say he felt like?
  21. What did the guards say when he tried to hang himself?
  22. What happened to Kalief?
  23. How did his story affect you? What do you think about what he went through?
  24. Do you think what happened to Kalief was fair?
  25. What happened to his mother?
  26. What role did his father play in Kalief's life?

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