7th & 8th Practice Excersises Adjectives

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I. Directions: Circle the adjective or adjectives in the sentences given below. Then, draw a line under the noun it describes.

1. That food tasted bitter.

2. I was ashamed that I didn’t pass my test.

3. The story was very brief.

4. I felt very comfortable in my new home.

5. The man was very creepy on Halloween.


II. Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Circle the comparative or superlative form of the adjective that best completes each sentence.


1. I have a (bigger / biggest) car than you.

2. That was the (stranger / strangest) thing that I have ever seen!

3. If you look (closest / closer) you can see the ocean from here.

4. That was the (bumpiest / bumpier) car drive ever.

5. You show the (gentler / gentlest) touch when handling the baby.


III. Predicate Adjectives

Read the sentences below. Underline the adjectives in each sentence. Do they come before or after the noun?


1. Mr. Johnson’s dog is scary.

2. I saw a brown, spotted cow at the county fair.

3. Anne has a cat with a long tail.

4. My dog is old.

5. The yellow parrot can speak fourteen words.

6. My brown hamster at school is playful.

7. I love wiggly animals the best.


IV. Write the correct predicate adjective for the following Countries:

a. Africa:

b. Colombia:

c. Sweden:

d. Spain

e. Europe

f. Turkey

g. Puerto Rico

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