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A predicate adjective is an adjective that follows a linking verb and describes the verb’s subject. The linking verb connects the predicate adjective with the subject.

Fire in the city is dangerous. (The linking verbs is is. The predicate adjective is dangerous.)

Often, forms of be are linking verbs, as in the above example. However, predicate adjectives can also follow other linking verbs such as taste, smell, feel, look,become, and seem.

Such a disaster seemed impossible. (The linking verbs is seemed. The predicate adjective is impossible.)

Identifying Predicate Adjectives

Underline the predicate adjective in each sentence. If the sentence has no predicate adjective, write None on the line to the right.

1. In 1871, the city of Chicago was already huge. ______________

2. Over 350,000 residents felt proud of their beautiful city. ______________

3. Most of the buildings in the city were wooden. ______________

4. The hundreds of miles of sidewalk were wooden too. ______________

5. But the beautiful city became deadly on the evening of October 8. ______________

6. On that night, someone was careless. ______________

7. How the fire started is still mysterious. ______________

8. Soon, however, whole city blocks were burning. ______________

9. The waterworks soon caught fire; without water, the firefighters

were helpless. ______________

10. The fire burned for more than a full day. ______________

11. The blaze had caused about $200,000 in damages. ______________

12. After the fire, about 100,000 people were homeless. ______________

13. More people had lost everything they owned. ______________

14. The people of Chicago were courageous. ______________

15. The new Chicago they built was even better than the old one. ______________

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