9th grade ADVERBS

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An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. The comparative form of the adverb compares two actions. The superlative form of the adverb compares more than two actions.


Directions: Write each sentence using the comparative or superlative form of the

following adverbs in parenthesis that best completes the sentence.

Example A: David looks (happier / happiest) than John this morning.

Answer: David looks happier than John this morning.

1. The man arrived (earlier / earliest) than the others to get a good seat.


2. The man drove (farther / farthest) than last time.


3. Jason jumped (higher / highest) of all the students in the class.


4. I run (shorter / shortest) distances in the morning.


5. The work went (better / best) today because all the workers showed up.


6. He arrived (sooner / soonest) than the other person.


7. The diggers began (earliest / earlier) than usual today.


8. Donald ran (further / furthest) than Sarah.


Directions: Circle the adverb in each sentence.

Example A: The tall player jumped for the ball.

Answer: quickly

1. The boy calmly took his test.

2. The team eagerly awaited their next opponent.

3. The player politely asked the official a question.

4. The teams shook hands sincerely after the game.

5. The girl clumsily walked to her seat.

6. The boy walked dangerously close to the edge.

7. I barely finished my test on time.

8. The boy foolishly talked back to his teacher.

9. The woman joyously shouted aloud.

10. The man nervously waited in line.

11. The people calmly waited in line for the show.

12. I eagerly awaited the results of my test.

13. I politely asked a question.

14. He sincerely asked me to move seats.

15. The man clumsily stumbled towards his chair.

16. I sleepily jumped into bed at night.

An adverb is a word that describes a verb, an adjective, or another adverb. Adverbs fall into

three categories; When, Where, and How.

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